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10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Business

Can your company risk data loss, data breach, or downtime associated with vulnerabilities?

Most businesses are not as prepared for technology crisis as they would like to think. Unfortunately, by the time it is realized, it’s far too late. Costly repairs, wasted time, and lost data are very difficult and expensive to recover from. Whether it’s an intrusion on your network or physical damage to your equipment, it’s important to be prepared.

Managed IT Services are growing in popularity. They are a convenient way to budget for your IT needs and to be sure that you’re covered in important areas. Managed services includes preemptive evaluations and preparation, as well as support in times of trouble.

These 10 questions will help you evaluate your infrastructure and risk, and may help you decide if you are in need of cybersecurity and managed IT services.

1. What type of data are you using and creating on a daily basis?
2. Where is your data being saved and stored? cloud solutions or hosted locally?
3. Do you see any compliance impacts with your data (HIPAA, Mass Data Privacy, etc.)?
4. Have you implemented any security processes to integrate with current business processes?
5. What are the major security risks that you have identified in your areas?
6. Have you identified how an unauthorized disclosure of data may occur?
7. Have you implemented a control to mitigate that risk?
8. Do you store and work with sensitive customer information?
9. Have you identified who might be interested in your data?
10. Are you equipped to handle all of these potential issues and risks on your own?

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