7 Ways IT Companies Help Small Firms Enact Big Ideas

7 Ways IT Companies Enact Big Ideas for SMBs

Good customer service is crucial to success in business; there’s nothing high-tech about helping customers get exactly what they need. However, having effective and up-to-date technology can make the process easier and more efficient.

Growth Is Linked To The Proficiency Of Your Technology
For most small companies, investing in information technology (IT) can pay dividends in more ways than one. Not only can technology help businesses establish a corporate identity and lower the cost of doing business, it may also help level the playing area.

To remain competitive, a small business must optimize its technologies. Most small businesses are searching for cost-effective solutions that increase productivity and effectiveness while keeping costs within reach. Professional IT companies offer experienced, trusted professionalsOne solution would be to hire a professional IT services firm (like CCNY Tech). It allows your organization to access a team of trained engineers at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Working with a quality IT company also means you gain a diversified team with talent and knowledge. Professional IT companies offer experienced, trusted IT professionals. It is an excellent resource for any business and can be especially appealing to the small business.

1. Less Wasted Time
When IT emergencies occur, and you do not have access to an IT services company, your inner resources are displaced. Not only is it an opportunity cost, it’s an environmental stressor. Researching solutions and trying to get the job done right is quite inefficient for many non-IT professionals. With a services firm, your internal staff is free to concentrate on their tasks while everything runs smoothly in the background, without disrupting your productivity.

2. Reduced Downtime
System downtime carries monumental business costs. Loss of email communications and internet connectivity slows down all operations. Even worse is the risk of system failure and corrupted data. While the events themselves are costly, trying to recover can be even more costly. IT services companies can help you plan for such events and their recovery, as well as take preemptive measure to ensure uptime. Remote systems monitoring and regular maintenance will go a long way for your IT infrastructure.

3. Access to Professional and Diversified Talent
Working with a tech services firm allows you access to a broad knowledge base and extensive expertise, ensuring that they will understand the requirements of your systems. They will have developed best practices, allowing them to be more efficient and effective, saving you time and money. A professional IT company will also have specialized technicians to handle complicated issues as they arise. It can be very expensive to keep a full-time IT technician and they might not be fluent in all problem areas. When you work with an IT firm, you have an entire team of professional and diversified talent

4. A Predictable IT Budget
When you choose managed services with a professional IT company, you can create a plan and budget that is appropriate for your business. Managed services can include installs, upgrades, security, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance checks and checks. It’s a wonderful way to stay up-to-date and to be proactive about your infrastructure. Regular evaluations and security scans, in particular, may make a significant effect on your system’s success and safety. In just about all cases, a small company will spend 25% to 50% less than the cost of hiring even one mid-level IT professional. You will have access to a team and a plan that is right for you without even having to consider training, sick days, vacation, and turnover. You’ll have far more control over your IT budget and services.

improved productivity for SMBs5. Improved Productivity

Your IT infrastructure will likely be one of your best assets. It enables efficiency and innovation through communication and cooperation amongst workers. When your IT infrastructure is properly planned and maintained, your opportunities for central databases, email communications, quick connectivity, uptime, and other essential attributes are increased. Working with a professional IT company lets you have a well thought out system with proactive upgrades and maintenance to keep your infrastructure running at peak performance to increase overall productivity.

6. Flexibility and Expandability
Businesses are constantly changing. It is necessary to create a solid IT plan for possible growth, or even for paring down. It can be very challenging when your infrastructure isn’t built to be easily changed. It can be time-consuming, and stressful when there is not enough space or room in the budget for additional equipment. An IT services company can help you build an infrastructure with the characteristics that you need now, and help you plan for what you may need later on.

7. Stay Competitive
By maintaining your technologies up-to-date, you ensure high productivity, efficiency, and efficacy. By utilizing a professional IT company, you know that you’re receiving the most recent information and services from a staff with the latest training and real-world experience. They will have an understanding of the latest hardware, software, and network applications. Furthermore, they can help you determine which is the most fitting for your business. This will allow you to stay competitive and prepared to react to change.

The Personnel Aspect of Good Computing
Having updated and efficient technologies can help create a more attractive work environment. Workers want to be in a competitive and thriving company and do not want to deal with slow and outdated resources. It’s important to continuously exceed workforce expectations and keep your organization reputation and morale high. When you work with an IT company, you have the ability to meet these standards with a sensible budget and without the annoyance of constant research. You can trust that your staff is knowledgeable and will keep you operational and up-to-date. This will help not only to attract new employees but also to retain the ones you have.

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Understanding Self-Replicating Ransomeware and Computer Worms

Self-replicating Computer Worms

Self-replicating computer worms are an ideal way for cybercriminals to spread malware and infect countless computers. Unlike a virus, a worm attacks ports and protocols of vulnerable systems and therefore does not require a delivery system. When a computer worm infects, it allows criminals to steal private data, execute distributed denial of service (DDos) attacks, and can wreak havoc on personal and enterprise level operations.

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How Computer Worms Began

The first self-replicating computer program began in 1988 as an experiment by a Cornell University graduate student, sent out to collect data from internet servers. Although the worm was not intended to be malicious, it replicated and tore through roughly 60,000 Unix-based machines. This created a massive denial-of-service attack on the internet.

The attack led to the first criminal conviction under the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse act. The “experiment” lead to a $10,000 fine, probation, and community service. More impact-fully, however, it led to Cybersecurity fields and a new awareness of cybercrime.

Worms and viruses are particularly easy ways to spread criminal malware. These attacks took full force in the 1990s and early 2000s and continue to adapt to our changing technologies and mobile devices.

Cyber Attacks

Not only could malicious computer programs be used by Ivy League grad students, but they also became a global threat, as they could be used to collect national intelligence and state secrets. The U.S. Department of Defense had numerous instances with nations such as Russia and the People’s Republic of China for various attacks against the U.S. government. These attacks, however, were not mere computer worms, but a new attack known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

Early APTs were very stealthy, with unique signatures. Very few networks had the technology or methods for detecting these attacks, let alone stopping them. The number of these attacks against high tech companies and defense contractors increased dramatically.

APTs maintain a slight distinction from that of cybercriminals. Government security services have been known to outsource work to hacking groups as intelligence techniques. However, criminals often ride the coattails of APT, making the line between criminal and nation-state activity very thin.

Cyber Security

The significance of the first computer worm could never fully be evaluated. Not only did it create a new type of criminal, it created a massive need for cyber defense. Today, security patches, updates, and new techniques are a normal part of our everyday lives. Still attacks are adapting, advancing, and growing in number. Cyber crime is a very real threat to all individuals and enterprises.

It is crucial that all companies invest in cyber security. Many small and medium-sized businesses believe that only large enterprises are at risk; however, this is not the case. Cyber crime is not limited to size or industry.

CCNY Tech offers tailored Data Security and Network Security services to companies in all industries. We will create a solution that fits your exact needs and keeps your company and customer data secure. Message us through our website or call us at 315.292.1046.

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