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Avoiding Ransomware & Malware Issues

By now I am sure you have heard about the Ransomware outbreak called WannaCry a few days ago on the internet. Security Experts warn that there will be more.

Internet security experts suggest some basic steps that will help reduce the chances of getting hit by Virus or Ransomware issues.

Here are the “Must Do” list for dealing with and preventing ransomware and other malware type issues.

1 Run Windows Update frequently and install all OS patches. Virtually all 0-Day (un disclosed) vulnerabilities are communicated to software vendors LONG before they issue is publicly announced. Typically, these issues are patched and released as part of the normal Windows Update process before the issues becomes commonly known. Running Windows Update frequently and installing all patches will avoid most of these issues.

2 Have data file backup’s!!!!! Dropbox, OneDrive,, etc. all have great systems for backing up data files and keeping back versions. USE THEM, that way if you get infected you can get your work files back. Also, make sure your keeping several versions back of the files as many Ransomware attacks will embed in your files for days or weeks before deploying so you will want to have a few previous versions back. Again, all the major cloud backup providers support this, you just need to make sure it’s turned on.

3 Avoid questionable web sites and NEVER open any sort of executable file that is emailed to you. If someone email’s you and executable file CALL THEM and ask if it was them. If it was then tell them they shouldn’t do that and if it wasn’t then they have probably been hacked.

4 Run a good virus software. This won’t protect you completely (that’s why it’s #4 on our list) but it can reduce the odds of being hit. At the very least make sure you have Windows Defender updated and turned on.

Having a good network and firewall is very important when it comes to server protection. Many of these maleware, phishing and ransomware attacks are coming from inadequately protected networks and servers. Call us at CCNY Tech for a Free Consultation on how we can upgrade the servers and networks with our IT Services.

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