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CCNY Tech is proud to bring you some of the latest news and answers to your IT questions. All of our blogs are written by our IT professionals about things that matter to you. Whether you are a large or small company, have a local network or a massive datacenter, we are here to help.

Licensing Windows Server 2012 vs 2016

Licensing can be a confusing topic in the IT world. Things get particularly difficult as the practices change over time. This article will help to explain the differences between 2012 R2 licensing and the newer Windows Server licensing. When licensing a physical server of 16 or fewer cores, you purchase a 16 core pack version…

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Preventing Unauthorized Software from Entering Your Network

Unauthorized software can be a big problem for some companies. Attackers are constantly looking for vulnerable targets to hack by tricking users into downloading malicious files. Unauthorized software increases the risk of outsiders gaining access to sensitive data. Any software that is not authorized is likely managed without proper patching, updates, configurations, and security protocols….

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E-Waste: How You Should Dispose of Old IT Equipment

E-waste, or electronic waste, can be defined as obsolete, unrepairable, or even unwanted electronic devices or equipment. According to the EPA, it is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America. E-waste can include desktops/laptops, servers, switches, routers, and most other common networking gear used for businesses. These kinds of equipment can be difficult to…

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How to Browse the Internet More Safely

If you are like most of us, the internet is an amazing place to wander, looking for information, fun, or anything else you really desire. But as we all hear about in the news, on websites, and even from the next-door neighbor, there are many things lurking in the weeds of the internet, ready to…

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When & Why You Should Buy Refurbished IT

We’ve all been in the position of purchasing something and then returning it. Maybe you bought something and it wasn’t quite what you thought it would be, or maybe it wasn’t working right – so you send it back. So what happens to when IT equipment gets returned? When it comes to technology, like PC’s…

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What to Look for in an IT Company

Say your system is down, or you need a component, fast. If you call an IT company that understands your equipment and your network, you’ll get up and running quickly at the best possible price. Unfortunately, choosing a top-notch IT partner can be stressful if you aren’t sure what to look for. If you keep…

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How to Backup a Windows 10 Machine Locally

The computer has become an integral part of our day to day lives. Now imagine that you are using your computer to pay bills, surf the web, or even type that report that is due in a few days. Suddenly – BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, and your computer crashes. Your hard drive is shot, and…

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Love Your Computer Again

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day again, and that means it’s time to show some love. Not sure who your real Valentine is this year? Think about who you want to spend your time with during the day; who makes you laugh and keeps you company throughout your week? Think about who makes you want to learn…

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Our CCNY Tech Blog: Rebooted

CCNY Tech has been in the IT hardware sales, maintenance, and recycling business for over 25 years. Our company is constantly trying to adapt its practices to better meet your needs. So, we have taken some time to revamp our website and reboot our blog to bring you the latest in IT news and solutions….

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About Our Blog

CCNY Tech has been in the IT industry for over 25 years and has some of the most knowledgeable technicians and staff. We wanted to reach out to our customers and personally answer their questions with our best suggestions and advice. We specialize in a wide range of IT services and products, and we want to bring that experience to you.

Our blogs are meant to serve as a guide, not just for those looking to improve their network, but for anyone who wants to learn more about IT. We love helping our customers and are always happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or any topics that you are hoping to learn more about, leave us a message and we’ll do our best to create a blog that can help.

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