Worldwide Daily Ecommerce Stat

Ecommerce generates over $3.3 billion a day; almost a quarter of which changes hands over wireless mobile networks. These levels of enterprise will be growing exponentially as the IoT grows. Source: Activeco

Largest Data Breaches in the Past Decade

millions affected by massive data breaches

Data breaches have become fairly common in the last decade or so. See the biggest online data breaches worldwide as of October 2017, ranked by number of records stolen. In October 2017, Yahoo, Inc revealed that 3 billion accounts had been affected, making it the largest data breach in history. In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity music service were attacked by hacking collective Lulzsec. The PSN was offline for more than 43 days and 77 million data records were stolen. CCNY Tech can help you be proactive with your network security and monitoring. Call us at 315-724-2209 or visit

Internet Users By Millions

Millions of Internet users

Showing the number of worldwide internet users in selected countries as of June 2017. China was ranked first with over 738 million internet users, more than double the amount of third-ranked United States with 287 million internet users.   Contact CCNY Tech for getting your business or organization online with the best security, speed and reliability.

Historic RAM Costs

Historic Price of RAM for 1GB since 1980. Although prices of RAM have decreased substantially of the past 3 decades, the rate of decrease has declined in the past 5 years.

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