Our CCNY Tech Blog: Rebooted

CCNY Tech has been in the IT hardware sales, maintenance, and recycling business for over 25 years. Our company is constantly trying to adapt its practices to better meet your needs. So, we have taken some time to revamp our website and reboot our blog to bring you the latest in IT news and solutions. We have some of the most knowledgeable technicians at our fingertips and we think you should have them close by too.

Our recent website updates have been to improve navigation and increase ease-of-use. We have added a live chat feature and contact forms to encourage communication with our customers. You will now have the opportunity to speak with real people about real IT problems! We love hearing from you and being there for any tech question or project that you might face.

We hope that this blog will be another platform to reach out to you with information about your home or office network. Our department specialists will be bringing you blogs each week, touching on some trending topics and helpful hints. Our goal is to teach you about which IT products are right for you and how to best maintain your equipment to extend its product-life. We want to bring you current IT trends, as well as practical knowledge about your network infrastructure and security.

Because our IT professionals cover everything from installation, to repair, to end-of-life recycling, we know our products inside and out. We will be updating you with custom configuration options as well as brand and generational comparisons. We also have a Youtube channel where we post unboxing and installation videos for some of your favorite networking gear. Check us out at www.youtube.com/ccnytech!

We would also love to know what you’re interested in! Send us an email at info@ccnytech.com with any questions or special blog requests and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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