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CCNY Tech Sponsors a Marcy Deerfield Little League team!

CCNY Tech CEO, Scott Fluty has been heavily involved in the Marcy Deerfield team for several years. As a coach for 9 years and a member of the board for 3, Scott is proud to have CCNY Tech sponsor the team. Sponsorship helps to keep the cost of baseball affordable for our youth, as it reduces the per child out of pocket cost.


His involvement began when his sons, Josh and Matt joined the team.

CCNY Tech recognizes the importance of sports in our community to build our youth and unity. The company enjoys to be involved in local teams and events as this area continues to grow and prosper.


Participation in sports has been proven to contribute to success not only in K-12 but also shows that a majority of those children go on to attend college. This success then goes on to the workplace as 61% attribute their success in sports to their success in their careers. Sports stimulates the brain and improves cognitive abilities.  Learn More


CCNY Tech holds high importance in our youth because those are our future engineers.

CCNY Tech is an IT sales and services company. For over 25 years, CCNY Tech has been supplying IT equipment as well as providing maintenance and IT recycling services. Partnering with some of the top brands in the industry, they are experts in equipment and custom configurations. CCNY Tech IT professionals provides custom solutions to businesses of all sizes. Learn more at



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