Choosing The Best ITAD Provider

Choosing The Best ITAD Provider

Choosing the best ITAD provider is critical to maximizing asset value. Responsible companies work to reduce the environmental impact of their IT assets. It can also handle any size or scale globally. Also, the ITAD company should be able to erase data from storage media. Before disposing of a device, a responsible ITAD vendor will make sure that the data is safely erased.

While ITAD promotes reuse, some old technologies cannot be reused and must be properly disposed. Reliable ITAD providers support testing, data sanitization, and data destruction. Remember that properly disposing of redundant hardware complies with local, state, and federal regulations. Find out how these companies dispose of their IT equipment to avoid fines.

ITAD Services from CCNY Tech


An ITAD service provider (like CCNY Tech) must be committed to long-term sustainability. It should be able to manage and track assets from start to finish. You can trust an ITAD provider to manage your assets responsibly. A full-service ITAD provider will dispose of your IT equipment safely and responsibly. You can also rest assured that your company will be proud of its environmental commitment.

ITAD is not only important for your business, but also to protect your brand. Use an ITAD provider (like CCNY Tech) that specializes in IT asset disposal. The right partner can reduce corporate risk, dispose of assets safely, and reduce costs. A reputable ITAD provider should be able to manage your assets and protect you from liability.

CCNY Tech Turns Your Old IT Hardware Into Cash!

We use a vetted network of retail and wholesale channels to maximize the recoverable value of your IT equipment. Technical assets are tested, secured, refurbished, and remarketed.

Send Us Your Equipment List
Send us a list or a spreadsheet of your unused or obsolete IT equipment. CCNY Tech will assess your assets and their value.

How we can help:

  • Know the value of your existing IT assets
  • Affordability
  • Manage your inventory with ease.
  • Finance new IT equipment
  • Securing IT assets

Our ITAD Services Are Industry Leading:

Data Sanitization – all data is erased according to DoD guidelines.
Buy Back Process – CCNY Tech will help you compile a list of eligible IT assets.
Responsible Recycling – All non-marketable assets will be responsibly recycled.

High-quality data protection and destruction
Simply call us to schedule your pickup: we’ll pack and ship your goods back to our secure facility, create inventory reports, secure Certified Digital Data Destruction and/or Physical Drive Destruction, refurbish and resell your valuable assets, and recycle your legacy IT assets legally and environmentally.

We provide a one-stop solution for managing your electronic equipment and maximizing its value.

CCNY Tech is the leading ITAD Service provider in the Northeast and East Coast. Our team will build the best plan for data security, logistics and value for your organization. Call CCNY Tech at 315-724-2209 or contact us.

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