Little League Champs CCNY Tech

Congrats to Marcy-Deerfield Little League Champions

From the Desk of Coach Scott Fluty CCNY TechScott Fluty, CEO/President of CCNY Tech

I have been involved in youth sports for over a decade. I’ve coached boys’ baseball, girls’ softball and boys’ and girls’ basketball. Every year has different challenges and different rewards. This year’s little league team was not different.

My team had a huge range of talent. We had one kid that never played baseball before and several that played in travel leagues or modified baseball. Baseball is a lot more complicated than many people think. Keeping the kids interested and learning with so many different levels of talent and experience was a challenge. With my two assistant coaches, we set out to constantly challenge and encourage these kids. We always emphasized two things: team chemistry and constant improvement. We also put in some life lessons like only focus on what you can control. If you don’t like an umpire’s call on a strike, keep it to yourself and focus on what you can control, like hitting the next pitch.

We made sure our team showed class in victory and defeat.

As the season progressed, we had some highs and lows. Our player that never played baseball had a game winning hit. We also got blown out by a team that we should have beaten. But when playoff time came, I felt that we were a well-prepared team that was peaking. This was exactly where I wanted us to be.

We won the first game by 8 runs and the championship game by 9 runs. I am always amazed by how coaching kids is so much like running a business.

I want to thank these kids. Working with them throughout the year gave me a much needed, break from the stress of being a business owner.

At the same time, it taught me more about how to be a better coach and business owner.

Congratulations on a great year to the Marcy-Deerfield Little League Champions, CCNY Tech!!!

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