Data Center Decommission Projects


We have 30+ years of experience with IT installations and decommissioning in data centers. We can handle drive destruction on premise and fully recycle the parts so you do not harm the environment.

CCNY Tech can help with a facility move or complete facility clean-out. You get expert white-glove server decommissioning and we will work to get you a maximum return on your investment in weeks, not months!

Data Center Migrations

Data Center Migrations can present many challenges for a company. CCNY Tech has the expertise to make the data center migration a seamless process.

We can help you move to a new data center, or even a new facility, in a matter of days. CCNY Tech's data center services feature a full suite of migration services to ensure your data center transition is both seamless and secure.

IT Equipment Movers

CCNY Tech Are Proud to Be Your IT Equipment Movers for the Northeast.

With over 30 years of IT relocation experience, our team of technicians will ensure all of your equipment is properly packed, loaded, securely transported, unloaded and re-installed and configured. We can also install your new equipment and make sure it is configured to work with you other systems.

Repairs and Upgrades

CCNY Tech can also handle routine repairs and upgrades of data center equipment. Physical upgrades on your server or making repairs fast is one of our most demanded services. When it is critical to get it right the first time, contact CCNY Tech for immediate response.

We offer a wide range of data center services. We can take on simple work such as routine repairs or upgrades to complete design and implementation for your entire data center.

Data Security

Inventory Reconciliation Of Serialized & Data Bearing Equipment

CCNY Tech does complete inventory reconciliation and serialization of data bearing equipment, chips and drives. You need to document your hardware for data security and proper stewardship of user data. If you need to decommission any hardware, having a complete audit trail for the secure data bearing inventory is critical for legal purposes.

What’s your Security Strategy for your data? Contact us or call us at (315) 724-2209 to learn more about how we can help you develop a security strategy that will protect your company and organization from costly data breaches, and put you in compliance with the new regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Integrity and customer service" are the core values ​​of our organization.

We can provide you with the simplest solution according to your range of needs, or we can also provide turnkey migration management, hardware disassembly and reinstallation, packaging, relocation and the most complex range of solutions.

We are experts in moving expensive IT equipment. Taking many factors into account, the cost of any relocation will vary. For example, scope, time, insurance requirements and logistics involved.

We have a high degree of insurance, including liability insurance and transportation insurance. When working with you, we can provide you with a personalized COI at any time.

Unlike typical movers, we provide special treatment for your equipment, and each of our employees has been rigorously trained in handling and handling expensive and sensitive IT equipment.

No. Your relocation is handled by CCNY Tech employees from beginning to end.

Yes. All our employees have passed the in-depth screening; have a clean history, clean driving record and personal references.