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Hybrid Cloud Technology and Storage

Hybrid cloud services and storage are a growing interest for businesses in all industries. They can be very manageable and cost-effective. They also offer scalability and flexibility that is likely the future of computing. Hybrid cloud storage enables both public and private cloud for on-site and off-site backup. Hybrid cloud combined with in house IT hardware can mean top-tier computing capabilities on a very reasonable budget. You might think that only large enterprises would need these systems but it’s actually been shown that companies off all sizes in all industries will benefit from embracing the promises of hybrid cloud services and storage.


  • Streamlined Data – Data storage capacity, accessibility , and portability can all be greatly improved with Hybrid Cloud Technology
  • Virtualization – Most hybrid cloud options offer flexibility with virtualization, at much lower costs than other methods
  • Manageability – Hybrid allows for full orchestration of storage, networking, and computer resources. If allows for the ability to deploy and manage primary storage in whatever public or private cloud makes the most sense for your purposes.
  • Versatility – This technology can support all production workloads in the private or public cloud, regardless of how they are packaged or the type of storage supported.
  • Options – With cloud technology, you are able to find a solution that works for you. There is flexibility of data placement, locations of servers, and policies to minimize challenges and satisfy your needs.


  • Limited Awareness – One of the main challenges holding companies back from hybrid cloud technology is a lack of understanding. There is so much hype and so many options that it can be confusing and overwhelming
  • Lack of Readiness – Some IT managers are reluctant to move data outside of the physical data center, afraid that the company is not ready or that the cloud won’t meet standards of security and performance.
  • Fear of Commitment – Many fear that once the migration is complete, it will be difficult or costly to move them back to in-house storage.

Fortunately, the recent success of hybrid cloud technology has proven that these challenges can be easily overcome. When truly researched, it is shown that these services are delivered on demand and paid for as they’re consumed. Furthermore, IT manager confidence in public cloud security and accessibility has increased significantly in recent years.

CCNY Tech offers Hybrid Cloud Technology options, set up by experienced IT engineers. Our team will help you understand which cloud services fit the needs of your business, and we will help you make a smooth transition. Give us a call at 1-800-566-4786 or ccnytech.com/contact-us/

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