IT Asset Disposition in 2019

ITAD or IT Asset Disposition has evolved over the years and now many companies have improved their apprach to offer a balanced alternative to simple e-waste recycling.

Modern ITAD comes with a number of different strategies to keep data secure while getting a return on the company’s hardware investment. It is a fact that companies, especially those who want to stay competitive, must invest a huge amount of money in new IT Hardware to stay efficient and profitable. New equipment is a great thing, but properly disposing of the older assets can cause some serious environmental damage and possible fines. There is no doubt that IT asset disposition is beneficial for every company and even for individuals, but there are few things that need to be taken into consideration before using IT Asset Disposition.

First of all, companies are free to choose whether this whole process will be carried by their own IT professionals or they will use an evolved IT Asset Disposition company like CCNY Tech. Both options have their advantages or disadvantages. Auditing of equipment and the elements of this equipment like serial numbers, barcodes and similar ID numbers are part of every serious IT Asset Disposition strategy. In this way, the company can get a precise report on the effects of this IT strategy implementation.

CCNY Tech – ITAD Services

An advanced IT Asset Disposition Company like CCNY Tech can help a company replenish it’s budget by remarketing some of the systems or parts of the systems that still have value to secondary or international markets. They can safely dismantle the device on small components and use these components for new devices.

Some companies simply outgrow the equipment they have and although they are perfectly fine these units are useless for them. IT asset disposition experts can help remove the secure data stored on these servers and devices in general. In case the equipment is non-functional, it is the best idea to send it to a specialized e-waste recycling company like CCNY Tech.

Thanks to the increased Eco-awareness, more and more companies will use ITAD strategies as part of their e-waste strategies. In this way they can expect to get the most from their investments in technology. By using IT asset disposition techniques, companies will not only avoid legal problems and protect the environment, but they can also return some of their original investments. This is certainly a trend that is becoming a standard.

CCNY Tech has mastered the process to separating the value, remarketing systems, and recycling the rest in an efficient manner.

ITAD Services from CCNY Tech
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