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CCNY Tech is Certified by R2 2013 for Responsible Recycling.  Businesses updating equipment are faced  with decisions on whether to refurbish, resell, recycle or dispose of IT resources.

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On-site Shredding

With the help of our Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) program, you can dispose of your retired IT and computer equipment. No matter if your equipment is functional or nonfunctional, working or obsolete, we can help you gain an appropriate level of control over your end-of-life technology while minimizing your risk and liability.


Asset Lifecycle

Asset Lifecycle is an awesome way to manage used IT equipment. This process integrates IT Asset Disposition with redeployments and warehousing. Benefits of this include cost savings; consolidation of vendors streamlines process and communication as well as supports sustainability initiatives.

This process integrates IT Asset Disposition with redeployments and warehousing with benefits including cost savings and a consolidation of vendors that streamlines processes and communication as well as supports sustainability initiatives.

Data Protection

Our technicians perform hardware decommission and onsite audits. We ensure that all sensitive data is removed before it leaves your facility. CCNY Tech ensures safe and secure transportation of your IT hardware. Each asset is audited and tracked throughout the disposition process.

With CCNY you’ll have peace of mind that your data and brand is fully covered. Our data protection team has a strong track record for having advanced software, speedy client site services and a complete data protection solution.


CCNY Tech’s ITAD division has created a business around disposing obsolete and unwanted IT equipment in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is a rapidly expanding problem around the world, due to the improper disposal of hazardous materials. This can lead to bodily harm and even environmental damage.

That’s why CCNY is here to dispose of your equipment, and together, we can make the world a better place.

ITAD Consulting

CCNY Tech has the industry understanding & knowledge to help keep your businesses ahead of lawsuits, inefficacies, and information security breaches. Remarketing and recycling your technology can have many negative consequences if not done by a trusted vendor.

Our Consulting Services can dramatically improve your processes for handling your unused equipment. Our findings were developed to create actionable solutions not consulting jargon that’s filled with words but actually says very little.

CCNY Tech can help you integrate your strategy for end of life equipment with your overall technology strategy. We save you time, money, and most importantly we can give you the roadmap and best practices that minimize the very real risks that exist for you and your company.


Our ITAD Process

5 Simple Steps to Our ITAD Partnership

We request a list of equipment (make and model and any specs that may be available) from the customer. If there is not a list of assets available, then we may request a rough estimate of piece count and description of equipment. Photographs are also acceptable. Once we have an idea of the equipment, we can begin to estimate the value of the equipment.

If the equipment is located in New York State, our in-house drivers can handle the pickup and any necessary packaging required. For any other pickups, we utilize national carriers and coordinate all the freight on our end. We have the capabilities to send a team in to package the equipment prior to shipping if needed, however this is an additional cost.

Once the equipment arrives at our facility our team will first audit the material and record the make, model, and a serial number of every asset. Any asset tags or other company information will be removed as well. All disk drives are removed and brought over to our sanitization cage where the serial number is recorded, and the drive is wiped and/or destroyed. CCNY utilizes a 3rd party drive wiping software known as XErasure (specs attached) to handle the wiping phase. A certificate of sanitization will be provided for this step in the process along with a spreadsheet of the wiped hard drive serial numbers. The drives are then sampled to confirm the wipe was successful and no blocks failed to wipe. This service is offered at a cost of $4 dollars a drive. CCNY also offers a drive degaussing service as well at a cost of $2 dollars a drive. The drive is spun on a degausser several times and the high-powered magnet renders the drives inoperable. The drives are then sent to our certified downstream vendors to be shredded for end of life commodity recovery.

After the data is removed, all the equipment is then tested for functionality and our team will determine if it has resale value or is deemed end of life. Equipment deemed end of life will be dismantled for commodities to be recovered in an environmentally responsible manner. Any equipment that is determined to still have value will then be resold to a list of preferred buyers.

Now that the process has been completed, all records are gathered and sent over to the customer. A report of the received equipment, certificate of sanitization, and the certificate of recycling will be provided in these records.

CCNY will also provide a revenue split from the value of the equipment. The only costs that will be removed will be from the revenue are transportation costs and drive wiping fees. With the permission of the client, any hard drives that have been wiped and confirmed to be free of any data will be resold to help offset the drive wiping costs. If a client does not feel comfortable with any of their old drives being resold, then the drives will be wiped and then sent for shredding.

ITAD Facts

So What Exactly is ITAD?
IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.

Businesses have moved away from the old make, use and dispose model to the new circular eco approach focused on environment and value recovery of IT Assets.

Data Security is always a chief consideration for people utilizing ITAD programs. But our customers also look to us to free up space and maximize resale value.

Financial Benefits through ITAD
Enterprise IT equipment that is no longer required by an organization may not have yet reached the end of its useful life. Technology in good working condition can often be re-sold or recycled by an ITAD expert like CCNY Tech. ITAD is a great way for companies to generate money back into the business for their initial investment.


ITAD Services

Equipment Disposal

ccnytech-it-solutions-10We specialize in streamlining the equipment disposal effort while ensuring
that sensitive data is protected. Refurbishing equipment extends the product life and is great for our environment.

We strive to resell as much of your excess equipment as possible and we recycle the rest!

Trade-In Program

Close-up of business people handshaking on background of modernMaximize on your old equipment and allow CCNY Tech to take care of the disposition while gifting you with funds for new IT purchases. 

Procurement Services

procurementPurchasing secondary market IT equipment can be great economically and add value to your IT asset toolkit, but unfortunately it can be a hassle. Finding the right sellers, knowing which sellers to trust, figuring out fair market value, and determining what is good condition, can all be a headache to say the least. Fortunately, CCNY Tech is here to lend our experience and expertise.

Whether you’re in need for single parts or a complete solution, same day or next day delivery, CCNY  Tech is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for new or old, we have both the resources and products you need.