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“Work-From-Home” Solutions For Older Computers From Microsoft

Tech TuesdayCovid-19 and stay at home orders across the world are presenting new and unique challenges for people who are being asked to work from home for the first time. Employees are navigating managing time, work, family and technology in new ways.

While using a smartphone or tablet may have been easy to answer a quick voicemail or email in the past, employees are finding that working full-time on these devices is not convenient or efficient. Most people find they require access to a laptop or computer to really do their best work from their home office. When you factor in employees who have children at home who are also working from home and in need of a device to work on their studies, many people are finding that they are dusting off old laptops and computers to get through and accommodate everybody’s needs.

Man in home office using computer looking frustrated

The challenge is that as we have come to rely more and more on mobile technology such as smartphones and tablet. The laptop, computer or netbook that was purchased years ago is now old and outdated. People are relying on devices that may be in desperate need of updating before it can really be an efficient tool for a “work-from-home” employee or your children’s distance learning.

Here are some tips on “How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance” from Microsoft’s website. This may help you to to get your older devices in shape to handle your family’s needs in this unprecedented time.



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