Cisco Cisco 515E Firewall

Cisco Cisco 515E Firewall
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Cisco Cisco 515E Firewall – 6 x 10/100Base-TX


  • Limited Warranty : 90 Day
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Intrusion Prevention
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Access Control
  • Firewall Protection Supported : DNSGuard
  • Firewall Protection Supported : MailGuard
  • Firewall Protection Supported : FragGuard
  • Firewall Protection Supported : FloodGuard
  • Firewall Protection Supported : TCP Reassembly for Fragmented Packet Protection
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Malformed Packet Attack
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Replay Attack Prevention
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Fragmentation Attack
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Protocol Anomaly Detection
  • Firewall Protection Supported : Multivector Attack Protection
  • Manageable : Yes
  • Compatible Rack Unit : 1U
  • Ethernet Technology : Ethernet
  • Package Contents :
    • Cisco 515E Firewall
    • PIX DES VPN/SSH/SSL encryption license
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    Cisco Cisco 515E Firewall

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    Cisco PIX 515E-DC Security Appliance integrates a broad range of advanced firewall services to protect businesses from the constant barrage of threats on the Internet and in many business network environments. As a secure foundation, Cisco PIX 515E-DC Security Appliance provides rich stateful inspection firewall services, tracking the state of all network communications and preventing unauthorized network access. Building upon those services, Cisco PIX Security 515E-DC Appliance delivers strong application layer security through 30 intelligent, application-aware inspection engines that examine network flows at Layers. To defend networks from application layer attacks and to give businesses more control over applications and protocols used in their environment, these inspection engines incorporate extensive application and protocol knowledge and employ security enforcement technologies that include protocol anomaly detection, application and protocol state tracking, These inspection engines also give businesses control over instant messaging, peer-to-peer file sharing, and tunneling applications, enabling businesses to enforce usage policies and protect network bandwidth for legitimate business applications.


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