FortiClient Cloud Security Fabric Agent – 1 year – EPP – FC1-15-EMS03-297-01-12



Protect up to 25 Users | Remote FortiClient deploymet with centrally managed real-time dashboard | Protect against zero-day file-less attacks that target applications | Automatically analyze real-time files with behavior-based analysis | Detect memory exploits like ROP, HeapSpray, and buffer overflow attacks | Shield web browsers, plug-ins, O365 applications, PDF Reader, & more | Manufacturer Part #: FC1-15-EMS03-297-01-12

Lock down visibility and control of your software and hardware inventory across the entire security fabric. Identify vulnerable or compromised hosts and track all details of systems and user profiles cross your attack surface. Security Fabric Integration FortiClient’s Security Fabric Integration, ensures that all fabric components – FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer, EMS, Managed AP, Managed Switches, Sandbox – have a unified view of endpoints in order to provide tracking & awareness, compliance enforcement and reporting. Advanced Threat Protection automates prevention of known and unknown threats through built-in host-based security stack and integration with FortiSandbox and FortiSandbox Cloud. Easy to use Secure Remote Access & Mobility via SSL and IPsec VPN. FortiClient connects every endpoint to form a cohesive security fabric. Advanced Threat Protection from Malware, Ransomware, & Zero Days As a next-generation endpoint protection solution, FortiClient helps connect endpoints to FortiSandbox, which uses behavior-based analysis to automatically analyze in realtime all files downloaded to FortiClient endpoints. Millions of FortiClient and FortiSandbox users worldwide share information about known and unknown, malware with cloud-based FortiGuard. FortiGuard automatically shares the intelligence with other FortiSandbox units and FortiClient endpoints to prevent attacks from known and unknown malware. Software Inventory Management Windows Active Directory Integration Software Inventory Management provides visibility into installed software applications and license management to improve security hygiene. You can use inventory information to detect and remove unnecessary or outdated applications that might have vulnerabilities to reduce your attack surface. Real-time Endpoint Status Real-time Endpoint Status always provides current information on endpoint activity & security events. Telemetry Telemetry provides real-time endpoint visibility (including user avatar) on FortiGate console so administrators can get a comprehensive view of the whole network. Telemetry also ensures that all fabric components have a unified view of the endpoints. Dynamic Access Control Dynamic Access Control for Compliance Enforcement requires EMS to create virtual groups based on endpoint security posture. These virtual groups are then retrieved by FortiGate and used in firewall policy for dynamic access control. Dynamic groups help automate & simplify compliance to security policies.


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FortiClient Cloud Security Fabric Agent – 1 year – EPP – FC1-15-EMS03-297-01-12

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