Why Do You Want a Managed IT Service Provider

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

A third-party IT service company or an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) can assist with daily technical issues that may arise, allowing employees and management to maintain productivity. There are many reasons why an organization should partner with a managed IT service provider. Here are the top five reasons our customers count on us for Managed IT Services.

1. Lacking IT expertise  Most small businesses are lucky if they have one or two people in their IT department. A small department whose main responsibility is to keep things running uses the philosophy of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” The use of newer, faster, and/or more secure technologies quite often isn’t a priority. Partnering with a good IT managed service provider (MSP) will provide an organization with advice and direction to prevent IT issues or security risks from developing in the future.

2. Experience rapid growth and can’t keep up?  Success in a small business can often lead to leaving loose ends. Small business owners work very hard. When there is a wave of success, their main focus is to capitalize on that success. This leaves them vulnerable to keeping up on their IT maintenance and planning. Managed IT service providers can offer far greater resources than a typical internal IT team. This experience will be of great use when an organization is experiencing growth.

3. Implement the best tools and experienced IT help on a limited budget   Small businesses have a limited IT budget. They often assign IT work to an employee whose primary work responsibility is not IT-related. Proper IT training and experience are essential and need to be a priority for any business, no matter how small.

When a business partners with an MSP, they can avoid the ongoing costs of hiring permanent employees and the salaries and benefits that accompany staff.

Not only will a company save money on staffing, it will also get the use of a larger selection of services. There are many tools available to take the human element out of maintaining a solid IT infrastructure. Tools for updating and providing important reporting and documentation. Most of these tools are designed for thousands of devices. This makes them very cost-effective for a managed service provider but not for a small business. All the benefits of these tools should be provided by a good third-party IT company.


4. Experienced and well-rounded teams benefit instead of individual expertise   An organization can have a great IT person on staff that does an amazing job. But it’s just not fair to compare that individual’s expertise to that of an entire team. The individual is only exposed to an IT environment that is that of the organization. This limits the ability to be exceptionally good in different areas of IT. A good third-party IT partner should have talented IT people that specialize in different aspects of IT. An expert in networking, cabling, servers, help desk, for example.

5. Looking to replace an underperforming or disgruntled IT person?   We see this a lot. I’ve spoken to many small business owners. They know more about their business than anyone. Even though they might not be an IT expert, they can usually tell when an IT person is underperforming. Using a third-party IT company will protect an organization from this. If you are not happy with the individual from the IT partner, it is much easier to voice those concerns to the partner without having the HR issues that go with an employee. Please also keep in mind that any reputable IT partner should have a contract with their clients that includes a termination of contract clause.

Replacing IT people in a small organization can be difficult. If you have a disgruntled IT employee, it can be even more difficult. Small businesses have limited IT resources. Whole departments might only have one person. People aren’t always ethical, and a disgruntled IT person or department is dangerous. Owners and employees depend on companies for their family’s livelihood, and a third-party IT company will ensure IT protection and security for the organization and its employees.

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Scott Fluty is the President/CEO of CCNY Tech a IT Solutions Partner offering a full line of IT services for SMBs. CCNY Tech is located in Utica, NY can covers the greater Mohawk Valley and Central NY with Managed IT Services, while suppling IT recycling and IT hardware procurement for companies and organizations both large and small across North America.

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