Top 7 Reasons Why Hiring an IT Company is a Good Financial Decision

Top 7 Reasons Why Hiring an IT Company is a Good Financial Decision

The financial benefits to hiring an IT company instead of hiring an IT worker or additional IT workers is often overlooked. Hiring a full time IT worker for your company is expensive. There are many financial aspects to consider before hiring your own IT worker for your company.

1) Quickly Find Qualified People – Hiring an IT company gets the hiring process of IT staff accomplished without having to go through the HR process. IT companies have workers that have already gone through programs such as on the job training, education, and certifications. Workers coming from IT industries already have on-the-job experience and practice with other customer accounts.

2) No Commitment to Hiring – Possibility for Offering a Full Time Position – Some companies may find themselves in a position where the IT company that they are using for staffing provided them with a worker that does a lot within the company and becomes an asset. In some cases, the IT company may have criteria to ensure that the client does not take their workers. There are some ways of getting around this as some IT companies may require some monetary compensation for the help in filling their staff position. The benefit is that a person is not committed to hiring the person just because they work for them under the IT company.

3) Temporary Agency Takes on All Responsibility – The IT company has to deal with the risk involved in hiring a person to do the job. The insurance for the IT company’s member falls within the IT company, as they are responsible for their worker.

4) Cost Effective -A company needs to realize that an IT worker is going to need a salary. Adding to the salary, the worker will need paid time off(vacation, sick days, personal days, paid holidays, etc.), 401k, health insurance, etc. There will also be the cost of payroll and internal expenses.
Hiring an IT company gives a nice alternative to the costs of a full time IT worker considering the previous costs mentioned will be taken care of by the IT company that the worker comes from. For example, instead of paying an internal IT worker $50,000 for the company, the worker can be available to work as needed or on a contractual basis at a fraction of the cost.

5) Highly Productive – Since the workers hired from the IT company have a task to accomplish, they are there to just do the job and do it in a fast and efficient manner. The IT company already is aware that the worker they will provide the company has the experience and expertise needed to do the job that is required of them.

6) Specialized Skillset – The staff members that IT companies provide have skills that are added with the manner of the job. The IT company insures that they place the employee with the proper skillset to work within the company to get the project or requirement accomplished in a timely manner.

7) No Waste – With the ability to have an IT company’s worker on an as needed or contractual basis, the worker only works when needed. If there is only 20 hours of work needed, a company may contact the IT company to get a worker for those hours that they need. There will be no time spent waiting around for IT work to be created for the staff member, as would happen if that company hired a full-time IT staff member.

How does this work?

IT Companies have a full staff of engineers readily available for contracts or on an as needed basis to help with projects or emergency break/fix or recovery situations. Call an IT company that offers IT staffing. If you need a person to be on site for a certain number of hours per week, no problem, there are companies that can do contracts for that.

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By: Jason Germond, IT Sales Specialist
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