AUgmented Intelligence defined

What is: Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented intelligence is an alternative definition of artificial intelligence that focuses on AI’s helpful role, emphasizing that it is designed to “enhance human intelligence” rather than replace it.

The word augmented, which means “to improve,” reinforces the role human intelligence plays when using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to discover relationships and solve problems.

Some industry experts believe that the term artificial intelligence is too closely linked to many of the unrealistic fears about artificial intelligence and improbable expectations about how it will change the workplace and life in general. Although artificial intelligence has its pros and cons, the idea of

using computer information to help humans make better-informed decisions is nearly universally accepted.

Researchers and marketers hope the term augmented intelligence, which has a more neutral connotation, will help people understand that AI will simply improve products and services, not replace the humans that use them. While a sophisticated AI program is certainly capable of making a decision after analyzing patterns in large data sets, that decision is only as good as the information and data points that human beings gave the programming to use.

IBM, which has invested heavily in artificial intelligence with the Watson cognitive system, has embraced the label augmented intelligence and has also suggested the term intelligence augmentation (IA), not only to emphasize the supportive role of the technology but also to avoid confusion caused by using AI as an abbreviation. Other alternative lingo includes “machine-augmented intelligence” and “cognitive augmentation”.

With the advances in computing power and the ability of machine learning, computers have the ability to make more sophisticated recommendations to humans. In most cases, humans need to make the final judgment and decisions but augmented intelligence gives them the tools hopefully to make better-advised decisions.


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