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Who is Really Responsible for IT Maintenance?

Who do you call when IT breaks at work? What if your IT is just making an odd noise?

Well, you may call your maintenance team. But what if it’s an emergency but they are all tied up? IT Maintenance can’t be everywhere at once.

These issues raise a few questions:

Who is really responsible for IT maintenance? Who should be spotting small issues and making improvements to your infrastructure along the way?

These issues can create stress in an office or facility. Not every company is prepared for such events and not every company has an IT department.

For some businesses, displacing internal resources for IT issues can be stressful and time-wasting, making the above concerns everyone’s issue. For companies who do not have maintenance teams, or have too few resources for their IT infrastructure, a reliable solution would be managed IT services.

Managed services can include a wide range of services and can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific IT infrastructure. One way that managed services can aid your business is with regular audits and maintenance. Having routine maintenance takes the guess work out of IT problems.

The best part about this solution is that it displaces none of your employees. An outside team of professionals will be keeping your systems up-to-date in the background of your daily operations. Managed IT services can also include security measures. It can be a great relief to any business, knowing that their security is constantly being updated to combat the ever-changing threat landscape. 

For those companies who do have a team, but still struggle to keep maintenance organized and proactive, a great answer would be remote monitoring management (RMM). 

RMM is a software that allows all maintenance management to be stored. This software allows each member to log in and reference what has been done and what needs to be done.

RMM is a great tool because it gives operators greater ownership of equipment. It allows all members to know where equipment stands in its maintenance and who is responsible. It can help monitor inspections, cleanings, and other basic upkeep. Keeping track of the status of equipment and creating to-do lists will help emergency breaks and costly repairs.

A RMM helps make maintenance a shared responsibility and can help relieve some of the stress for your maintenance department. It also allows you to capture information from all over your facility, keeping you more informed and productive.

Maintenance is a critical issue for an IT infrastructure. It is important to have an understanding of the risks it faces, and a plan for upkeep. Any company, whether you have a maintenance team or not, can benefit from a full evaluation performed by an IT company. They can help you to create a plan for fixes, upgrades, and expand-ability. Review your maintenance plan within your company and be sure that your IT is being managed properly.

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