Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2

Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2

The Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2 is a high-end server, providing advanced performance and security to enterprise networks. Performance is one of the most important factors when deciding on a server. Going with a refurbished Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2 is a budget wise option.  If that is what you are looking for, then the Sun Oracle SPARC T5-2 Server is what you are looking for.  An extremely fast server that performs outstanding on several applications, this server brings optimization and low total cost of ownership by offering virtualization, security, and management tech of the highest quality. 

For more performance to handle business-critical applications, middleware, and database workloads that demand high levels of performance without pushing your IT budget to the edge, the Sun Oracle SPARC T5-2 Server is the perfect platform.  It is engineered with an intelligent design and powerful configuration; this server will help push your business to the next level. 

SUN Oracle Sparc T5-2



Efficiency & Proformance

These systems allow for fast and easy access to main memory which ensures increased efficiency and productivity. With performance as a top priority, the SPARC T5-2 series is a welcome addition to any network.

Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2 Series Rackmount Server

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The SPARC T5-2 is a server that is optimized for small to midsize web-tier workloads and database applications and is a great platform for consolidation and virtualization projects. It is the two-socket, three rack unit (3 U) server in Oracle's lineup of SPARC servers and is based on the SPARC T5 processor, which offers the excellent single-thread performance in the SPARC T-series line.

This SPARC T5 processor-based server is capable of consolidating multiple virtual machines, from one virtual machine per core all the way to 128 virtual machines on a single system at no additional cost thanks to Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM Server for SPARC, which are preinstalled on the server.

Designed by Oracle, and running Oracle Solaris, this server is engineered from the ground up (from silicon all the way up to the application) to run smoothly and efficiently in every data center. Moreover, the server offers industry-unmatched, built-in, no-cost security designed right into the processor.

The SPARC T5-2 server is part of Oracle's powerful and efficient SPARC-based server family. Based on SPARC T5 processor - which shares the same processor core - the SPARC-based server family is designed with mission-critical applications in mind.


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Sixteen-core 3.6 GHz SPARC T5 processor
Up to 128 threads per processor for a maximum of 256 threads per system
Sixteen floating-point units per SPARC T5 processor
Sixteen cryptography units per SPARC T5 processor
On-chip Encryption Instruction Accelerators with direct nonprivileged support for 16 industrystandard
cryptographic algorithms plus random number generation in each of the sixteen cores:
AES, Camellia, CRC32c, DES, 3DES, DH, DSA, ECC, Kasumi, MD5, RSA, SHA-1, SHA-224,
SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

Cache per Processor

Shared 8 MB, 8 banked, Level 3 Cache; 128 KB Level 2 unified cache per core

Main Memory
Three memory configurations supported with a one processor system:
128 GB (using 16 x 8 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)
256 GB (using 16 x 16 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)
512 GB (using 16 x 32 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)

Three memory configurations supported with a two processor system:
256 GB (using 32 x 8 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)
512 GB (using 32 x 16 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)
1 TB (using 32 x 32 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)

System Architecture
SPARC V9 architecture, ECC protected
Standard/Integration Interfaces
Network: Four 10 GbE (100 Mbps/1 Gbps/10 Gbps) , full duplex only, auto-negotiating
Expansion Bus: Eight low-profile PCIe 3.0 (x8 wired) slots
Ports: Four external USB ports (two in the rear are USB 3.0; two in the front are USB 2.0), one
RJ45 serial management port, Console 10/100 network port, VGA port


Mass Storage

Internal disk
Up to six 300 GB or 600 GB 2.5 in. SAS drives or 100 GB, 300 GB or 400 GB SSD drives.
Optional Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card or F80 PCIe Card

Internal DVD: One slim line SATA DVD+/-RW.

External storage
Oracle offers a complete line of best-in-class, innovative storage, hardware, and software solutions, along with renowned world-class service and support. For more information, please refer to

Two hot-swappable AC 2,060 W redundant (1+1) power supplies
Voltage 200 to 240 VAC, frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum operating input current at 200 V AC: 9.8 A (Actual amperage draw may exceed rating by
no more than 10%)
Maximum operating input power at 200 V AC: 1927 W Actual power draw may exceed rating by no
more than 10%)
Key RAS Features
Hot-pluggable disk drives
Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans
Environmental monitoring
Extended ECC, error correction, and parity checking memory
Easy component replacement
Two integrated disk controllers with RAID 0, 1, and 1E/10
Electronic prognostics
Fault Management Architecture including Predictive Self Healing, a feature of Oracle Solaris

Operating System
Oracle recommends Oracle Solaris 11 for enhanced performance and functionality
Oracle Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 plus patches
Control domain: Oracle Solaris 11.1, Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 plus patches


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