Sun Sparc T4-2 Server, 2 x 8 Core 2.85 ghz, 128gb, no drives, Rail Kit

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Detailed Sun Oracle T4-2 specification document.CCNY-SUPPORT

The Sun SPARC T4-2 server, powered by the SPARC T4 processor, combines single-threaded performance along with high overall system throughput. The advanced Sun SPARC T4 processor features integrated on-chip cryptographic support that provides wire speed encryption capabilities without any application performance penalties.

Improve efficiency and data storage using the Sun Sparc T4-2 Server. Contact Us to learn more about our products!



Brand: Sun/Oracle

Form Factor: 3U Rack Mount

Line: Sparc

Model: T4-2

Processor: Sparc T4 Processor

Processor Type: Sparc T4

Memory: 128 GB

Storage: no internal storage


Eight-core 2.85GHz SPARC T4 processor

Two processors per system, maximum 128 threads

Eight floating-point units

Dual multithreaded 10 GbE PCI integrated onto chip



Internal disk: Up to six 300 GB or 600 GB GB 2.5 in. SAS drives or 100GB, 300GB or 400GB SSD drives.

Internal DVD: One slim line SATA DVD+/-RW.

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 28.81 × 17.18 × 5.11 in

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