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data center disposal

Should You Outsource Datacenter Server Disposal to an ITAD Service Provider?

Data loss is a major issue with computer hardware. As the global economy grows more dependent on digital workloads, data is a growing source of concern. The final destination of data is hardware, whether in the form of computers or mobile devices. While software may be the operational driver of IT, the data center is…

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CCNY Tech’s Managed IT Services Makes IT Management Easy For SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from the Managed Services provided by CCNY Tech. CCNY Tech provides customized information technology services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. These services allow you to concentrate on running your business rather than on managing your information technology systems. Additionally, you’ll be able…

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ITAD Services Providers

How to Evaluate IT Asset Disposal Services

A good ITAD provider will engage in the entire process of dismantling IT equipment. They will ensure that all equipment is completely recycled or disposed of without harming the environment. An R2-certified ITAD company, like CCNY Tech, will use electronics recycling and data destruction technology to minimize their environmental impact. A company like Cobalt provides…

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The Facts About IT Asset Disposition Services

When a business decommissions hardware, it may be possible to resell it. With ITAD, businesses can partner with a company that can determine the most effective resale strategy. Because outdated hardware does not always hold its resale value, it is best to recycle it as soon as possible. If a business is unable to dispose…

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What is IT Asset Disposition?

IT Asset Disposition is the process of recycling and disposing of IT assets and resources. In today’s world, data security and consumer privacy are of the utmost importance. This industry is growing at an exponential rate to meet this demand. According to a recent report by FireEye, the global market for ITAD will grow at…

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Things Your IT Team Should Do To Help Your Small Business

When an organization is just starting out, it needs a lot of help with its IT. Many businesses deal with problems that aren’t planned for, like systems breaking down, network problems, and hardware failure. They don’t know when this will happen, so they need to hire a team of IT specialists. If the business wants…

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Managed Service Provider

How to Select The Best Managed Service Provider (MSP)

It’s difficult to know who to entrust with your company’s complete IT infrastructure. In today’s world, the quality of the technology (and, by extension, the IT team) that supports them makes or breaks a company. This emphasizes the need to select the correct managed service provider (MSP) for your needs, one with the qualifications and…

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Managed Services From CCNY Tech

Managed Services From CCNY Tech

When you outsource your IT needs, you are effectively outsourcing the maintenance of your entire organization. This type of service will improve your processes and operations while reducing your expenses. A managed service provider can help you understand and anticipate your needs while ensuring that all of your systems are running efficiently. The following are…

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Choosing The Best ITAD Provider

Choosing the best ITAD provider is critical to maximizing asset value. Responsible companies work to reduce the environmental impact of their IT assets. It can also handle any size or scale globally. Also, the ITAD company should be able to erase data from storage media. Before disposing of a device, a responsible ITAD vendor will…

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Mobile Phone Dangers for Teens

Is your child put in danger by mobile software?

Today’s teenagers spend around nine hours each day using social media, consuming popular apps content and communicating behind a glass display ‘s borders. The problem is a number of such apps, whether audio , video or text, put children at risk of being targeted and groomed by predators through chat and messaging features. Although most…

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Video conferencing etiquette and tips

The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

With more digital classrooms and more jobs working remote than ever before, we wanted to pass along some key Do’s and Don’t for Video Conferencing — both etiquette and security. Following these tips will help you to have more effective meetings and appear more professional and engaged. Don’t delay start times, or waste time throughout…

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How to take care of laptops

20 Simple Ways to Take Care of Laptops & Chromebooks

With so many taking classes and working online today, it is essential that you take good care of your laptop to keep it working well. Following these easy steps will ensure that your laptop lasts longer and requires less maintenance. As an added bonus, many of the steps will also maintain your laptop’s speed.  …

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