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Backup Your Data

Backup Your Data from Outages Caused by Summer Storms

By CCNY Tech | Jul 21, 2017

Is Your Company Prepared? All of these thunderstorms lately have us reminded of the potential impact that storms may have on businesses. It’s not too late to prepare for storms that could cause damage to your most valuable company asset: your data. In the event of a natural disaster, business operational items such as computers, … Read more

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Petya Ransomware

Petya Ransomware – A Post From Our Partner Fortinet

By CCNY Tech | Jun 29, 2017

Petya Ransomware Following closely on the heels of WannaCry, a new ransomware variant known as Petya began sweeping across the globe, impacting a wide range of industries and organizations including critical infrastructure such as energy, banking, and transportation systems. FortiGuard Labs sees this as much more than a new version of ransomware. Rather it is representative of … Read more

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On-Site Data Destruction

By CCNY Tech | Jun 23, 2017

CCNY Tech is proud to offer on-site data destruction to our clients. Regardless of the industry of your company, nearly every disk drive containing device holds some form of data that can be considered “sensitive.” Some of your stored data may not be extremely sensitive, but what about bank statements, personal information, or even medical … Read more

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The 9 Steps to Network Security for Small Businesses

By CCNY Tech | Jun 21, 2017

Small Business Owners: It’s Time There are two main reasons why business owners are not taking proper steps to protect their networks; one reason is known as “security fatigue,” and the other reason is essentially denial. Security fatigue happens when cybersecurity becomes so overwhelming that business owners abandon practices altogether. Security is always changing and … Read more

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The Basics of Making Passwords

By CCNY Tech | Jun 15, 2017

Choosing a Secure Password In today’s world, we all must create, remember, change, and update passwords. They are required for most of our devices and accounts: our computer, our phones, our social media, our bank accounts, etc. Passwords help to prevent other people from accessing our sensitive information. Some information, people do not mind others … Read more

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Keeping Secure: Protect Yourself from Scammers Goin’ Phishin’

By CCNY Tech | Jun 13, 2017

You may have seen it at one time or another, sitting in the office and you get a strange email from what appears to be your co-worker. Looking into this further, you approach your co-worker and find out this wasn’t them. In fact, they slightly changed the name to trick the recipient of the email … Read more

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Our blogs are meant to serve as a guide, not just for those looking to improve their network, but for anyone who wants to learn more about IT. We love helping our customers and are always happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or any topics that you are hoping to learn more about, leave us a message and we’ll do our best to create a blog that can help.