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Choosing the Right Amount of Access for Administrators

Carefully assigning the right amount of administrator access to company employees will help to prevent your datacenter from attacks. Most admins really only need moderate access. By understanding this differentiation and putting these settings in place, you reduce the risk of network intrusions.

Strict Policies for Accessibility

The horror stories have been heard many times before, the IT admin messes with settings and the whole server crashes. It is important to remember that not everyone needs administrator access and it should not be handed to just anyone that requests it. Handing out admin access should not be done to help when IT professionals are behind schedule. In order to fix this problem, remove administrative access from those that should not have it and create policies that are more strict. Administrators don’t always need to be using their admin access accounts either: It may be a good idea to create a normal account in addition to their admin account.

Access for Administrators

What exactly should admin access be for your company?

Admins should know their role within the network. Certain items that they do not ever work with/manage, they should not have access to. Stick to the role for admin access; Storage admins only need access to items relating to storage. Physical access is also a difficult topic as certain areas may need to be accessed, but raise the risk of accidental configuration changes. One person should not have all of the power with a system. In addition, one admin should also not be the only person with passwords and access to a system. Carefully use both business and security decisions to determine access levels for each individual. It is important to remember while admins do a lot for their networks, they are also the prime targets for cyber attacks.

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