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Cost Friendly Server Options From Fujitsu

The Fujitsu SPARC M10 server is making a name for itself in datacenters everywhere. The M10 model’s popularity is no surprise considering its reputable Oracle Solaris operating system and reliable Fujitsu hardware. This server was designed for ease-of-use and cost friendly solutions for IT managers. The significance of this model is its consolidation of previous SPARC servers. It is a space-saving replacement for the SPARC Enterprise M3000 and the Sun Fire V880. It maintains the same power, speed, and capacity in a sleek, user-friendly design. Not only does the M10 simplify in terms of rack space, it is also an energy-conscious machine. The operating costs of this server are far less than its predecessors, but the performance is equally as impressive.

The Fujitsu M10 offers a range of features, including virtualization capabilities. The high performance server is equipped to handle large workloads and is flexible in configurations.The 1u server is designed for low cost of ownership and efficient use of resources.

Scales up to 16 cores
Integration and Virtualization capabilities
Space-saving design
Power-Saving features
Firmware updates during system operation
Flexible capacity of 32GB to 1TB
Flexible configuration of 2.8 or 3.2GH processors

Overall, the Fujitsu SPARC is an ideal choice for any IT manager. Its convenience and efficiency make it an operational asset, and its high performance can increase overall productivity. It can provides exceptional power and capacity on its own, but also leaves room for expansion in its 1U build. This server may be the perfect fit for your network.

To learn more about the M10 or other SPARC series servers, call one of our CCNY Tech IT professionals.

Written By:  Scott Fluty, CCNY Tech

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