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“First a whole hearted THANK YOU! You and your team stepped up to the plate and delivered world class service to us with program critical issue. Resul Ademovic and Admir Ramic were beyond excellent, they delivered the server replacement and systematically went through our systems to also ensure that our program would continue to operate safely. Their technical knowledge was exactly what we required due to the fact that our main Network Engineer was on vacation and the stand-ins were not familiar with the systems.

Those 2 CCNY Techs came into our server room and assessed the situation immediately and a plan of action was implemented and executed to completion within the hour. They provided technical assistance to our system administrators which was greatly appreciated.

You should be proud of them and I would not hesitate to ask for their assistance in the future. They are professional, knowledgeable and patient. Your team delivered for us!”


“I wanted to inform you that we really appreciated the help from Resul and Admir. They were extremely helpful...I just wanted to inform you that they represented your company with utmost professionalism and would recommend them for many more projects of this nature.

Thank you for all of your guys help and personally thank them for me as when the word got back to our company that we made our deadline...”


“ I just wanted to take a moment and thank the guys for the excellent work they did with us last week.

Resul and Admir were very professional and extremely helpful. They arrived early and were ready to get right to work on the job at hand. In light of the fact that we were not able to complete the unracking of all the racks they jumped in with solutions to help us get that issue resolved as well. Once their job was complete they then pitched in to help us complete the remainder of our task.

Even with this job going long and causing them to miss their flights and with no idea when they would be able to fly out the next day when they worked hard, kept a great attitude and we created a great team working together to get the job completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. ”


“ It has been a pleasure working with you. CCNY gave the best pricing of the five resellers we asked to quote and was the most flexible and easy to work with as well. I am thrilled that we were able to work together. Not only was this the best financial relationship for Bosch, but your willingness to take low value equipment and “scrap” in order to do whatever you could to keep it out of landfill was appreciated.

Thank you for the great partnership. I wish nothing but the best for you and CCNY Tech.”

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc.