Data Recovery & Professional IT Services

CCNY Tech offers a range of professional services that are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

CCNY Tech is the North East IT company ready to serve your Data Recovery needs.

If you have lost data and need to attempt a restoration, leave it to the professionals at CCNY Tech. Our engineers have the best tools available to restore data from drives and machines. Give us a call for a Data Recovery quote.

We work with other businesses in the community to ensure that all of their tech needs are met. We would love to do the same for you! Call us anytime at 1.800.566.4786 with any tech question or crisis!

All of our services are offered as needed or on a contractual basis. We will partner with your company to maintain your IT network and provide you with timely and professional IT advice.

A partnership with CCNY Tech means peace of mind for any tech question or crisis.

Emergency Break-Fix Services: CCNY Tech offers 24/7 support to customers. Our availability to you will help to minimize downtime and wasted resources. There is no wrong time for the knowledgeable team of engineers to help solve any IT issue that arises.

Custom Configuration - CCNY works closely with its customers to better learn the needs of their IT infrastructure. We provide tailored solutions through custom configuration to meet the exact requirements of your business.

Custom configuration is a great way to be sure that you are not paying for features that you do not need, or paying for something that doesn't have all of the features that you need. We are able to adjust equipment specifications to better handle company data and workloads.

Support - Our support staff is always available to assist you with any tech question that you may have. You will receive quality advice and recommendations from knowledgeable professionals in the exact moment that you need it. Our team will be with you to guide you through each step. If possible, our team may talk you through the issues via phone to lead you to the best fixes. Our engineers may also visit your site to work through the issues and provide custom solutions to accomplish your needs.

We understand just how important it is to have a reliable team there at your fingertips, 24/7. IT emergencies, like all emergencies, do not wait for an ideal time. Be prepared with support from CCNY Tech.

IT Staffing - Engineers are a valuable asset to a company. An engineer is there for you when your computer crashes, when you lose your files, when your phone stops working and the situations in between. Since not all companies can afford a full time IT company, a budget is torn. One shouldn’t have to decide between having an IT team and their other standard budget line costs of operation.

With CCNY Tech, clients can hire our engineers on a contractual basis. You have access to an experienced team with diverse talents and skills. Hiring gets expensive, especially within a small business. Success stems from finding a way to make value of your scarce resources. This is especially true when a business relies on IT for their daily operations. The risk of working without an IT team is a mistake that could cost thousands.

With You Every Step of the Way

Full Life Cycle Management - Every step of the way, the CCNY Tech team is there for you to help make purchasing, delivery, installation, use, maintenance, and recycling a straightforward process. CCNY Tech is a one-stop-shop for all things IT throughout the lifecycle of your infrastructure.

If you are hoping to begin or update an infrastructure, our team will help you to find the right equipment for the task. We also provide custom configurations on our gear to ensure that it is a match for your company workloads. Experienced engineers will help to install your equipment and get you up and running promptly. At the end of your equipment life, we will help you to de-install it, destroy sensitive data, and recycle or refurbish old gear.