Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 Server

The used Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 server is the leading four-socket T-series modular server offered by the company. It is powered by a powerful 16-core SPARC T3 processor and offers large memory capacity and exceptional reliability. It is a server built with mid-range computing performance in mind that has the bandwidth and computing density to handle any task that might be thrown at a mid-range server. Its innovative five-rack (FRU) chassis was the first in the market for 512-thread general purpose servers.

Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 server

Power and Security

Those who relied on the SPARC T3 found no reason to regret it. It comes with built-in features and is a very flexible server that can be easily upgraded to meet the growing network demand. You'll appreciate the innovative design and reliability features, even as you admire it increases performance with fewer components than most mid-range servers in its class.


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Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 Server

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The T3-4 SPARC features:

– 64 cores with 512 threads
– 512 GB Memory (8 GB DIMMS)
– 16 PCIe Gen 2 Express Module Slots

This server has a following in the tech community because of its exceptional performance and efficiency. It is more than capable for a mid range server and excels in both web service and enterprise applications. It is a particular favorite with companies that run a large volume of media applications or need reliable computing power for mission critical back office applications. If you are looking for a server that is optimized for consolidation of workloads then the SPARC T3-4 deserves a close look.

The SPARC T3-4 is perfect for:

– CRM, ERP, and SCM workloads
– Virtulization of up to 128 isolated domains per server
– Significant increase in up time and reduction of unplanned service actions
– Disc controllers and cryptographic acceleration for increased security



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