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Five Networking Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

When managing a network, it can be difficult to differentiate and diagnose issues. Even with constant monitoring and upkeep, IT is finicky and issues are not always readily apparent.


Here are five common networking mistakes to avoid when maintain a network:

1. Setting a priority on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) data – When your telepresence system tags everything as data, you can very easily overwhelm your network.

2. Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) without the necessary infrastructure – VDI increases traffic to virtual machines and storage devices. It is crucial that you have an infrastructure ready to support the transition.

3. Uncertain routing changes – Making a routing change may result in decreased performance for some traffic. It is important to thoroughly understand your traffic needs before making adjustments.

4. Lack of secure guest network and BYOD – It is absolutely critical for you network that you have proper guest networks and security for Bring Your Own Device for employees and management. Without differentiating a guest network from the main network, you expose your company data to outside threats. Similarly, there must be protocol for outside devices used by employees.

Network security is another major concern for companies in all industries. Setting proper permissions, regulating password updates, keeping firewall and security software up-to-date are just a few of the critical steps in protecting a company network. With growing concerns over cyber attacks, network security is arguably one of the most important investments for businesses at this time.

5. Setting up a new router with a duplex mismatch – When setting up multiple routers, it is important that they are in the same duplex modes. A mismatched duplex is a link that operates ineffectively,resulting in reduced bandwidth.

Check out this video for configuring multiple routers in duplex mode:

These are a few of the more common mistakes that occur on a company network. Simple things like these can lead to major issues that are difficult to recognize and correct. It is a good idea for businesses to schedule routine network checks and regular maintenance to help diagnose, fix, and prevent networking issues along the way. A convenient way to ensure that your network is running smoothly is with Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services allows you to set a budget for your IT needs. You choose a plan that works for your company network and important tasks such as IT Maintenance, emergency fixes, and phone support are readily available without any extra costs. Furthermore, you can have a plan which schedules regular network checks, ensuring that issues such as these are not happening behind the scenes. Learn more about the Advantages of Managed IT Services! Check out our website or call us at 315.292.1046 to speak to an IT professional about network security.

Truly understanding your IT infrastructure is the key to maintaining a successful network. It is crucial that you recognize your needs regarding speed, security, storage, and even physical space. There are countless server options when looking for expansions or upgrades.

Choosing the Right IT infrastructure for Your Business

IT infrastructure can be a daunting task but is an absolutely necessary investment of time and resources. Particularly in today’s world, your daily operations, company and customer data, and competitive advantage likely revolve around your technology. It is important to understand and upkeep your systems. Partnering with a professional IT services company gives you access to experienced teams that can help you create a plan, tailored to the needs of your business.

Check out our website or call us at 315.292.1046 to speak to an IT professional about network security.

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