IBM Products

CCNY Tech’s IBM products you get quality at an affordable price.  With CCNY Tech’s IBM products and accessories, you get enterprise quality with small business pricing.

CCNY Tech is a proud, authorized re-seller of IBM, HP and Dell products. Our prices are a reflection of quality, USED IT equipment, unless otherwise specified. CCNY Tech puts integrity and honesty as a top priority with its partners and its customers.

Founded and Specialization

Established in 1988 as Computer Connection of CNY, Inc., CCNY Tech specializes in IT networking and security hardware. With extensive experience and a diverse product portfolio, we enhance network security, efficiency, and capacity using cutting-edge technologies.

Tailored Solutions and Product Diversity

CCNY Tech offers a variety of similar products, each equipped with unique features to meet specific needs.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Efficient Operations

Located in a 35,000 square foot facility, CCNY Tech maintains a vast inventory, ensuring same-day shipment. Our operations adhere to ISO 9002:1994 quality standards, guaranteeing thorough product testing and compliance.

Comprehensive Support and Service Offerings

In addition to hardware supply, CCNY Tech provides comprehensive customer support, including telephone support, professional installation, on-site services, and a range of managed services tailored to diverse IT needs.