IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Certified Data Destruction from CCNY Tech

When your obsolete computers and IT equipment sit idle they depreciate in value, literally every day. — There’s an alternative. You can get paid for your older enterprise IT equipment. Not only can you benefit from electronics recycling but this process allows you to recover value on your tech investment.

With our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service, CCNY Tech will help you manage IT purchase costs, reduce your net spend over time and maximize residual value on your IT assets quickly and efficiently.

We Convert Your Old IT Hardware into Revenue Opportunities
We work to maximize the recoverable value of your IT equipment by utilizing a vetted network of retail and wholesale channels for the most competitive pricing. Assets that have technical value are tested, secured, refurbished and remarketed for resale.

Send Us Your List of Equipment on Hand
Send us a simple list or a more complex spreadsheet with your unused or outdated IT equipment. CCNY Tech will evaluate what you have and the value it can offer you.

Here’s how we can help you:

Understand the fair market value of your existing IT assets
Reduce your total cost of ownership
Track, report and optimize your inventory
Offset new IT equipment purchases
Ensure that IT assets are secured

Our Services Include Industry Leading Services for ITAD:

Data Sanitization – all data is erased according to DoD guidelines.
BuyBack Process – CCNY Tech will work with you finalize the list of IT assets eligible for buyback.
Responsible Recycling – any assets not having aftermarket value will be properly recycled according.

Protect and destroy your data to the highest standards
With a simple phone call, we can start the process of scheduling your pickup: pack and ship your goods back to our secure facility, create inventory reports, perform secure Certified Digital Data Destruction and/or Physical Drive Destruction, refurbish and resell your valuable assets, and recycle your legacy IT Assets legally and in an environmentally-compliant manner.

We deliver a one-stop solution for managing your electronic equipment while returning the maximum value for your IT Assets.

One phone call to recycle and gain value from your IT equipment… 1-800-566-4786 ext. 3 – it is that EASY!


Stop paying other companies to recycle your valuable assets. In many cases, CCNY’s ITAD customers are able to recycle their old gear, have all their data destroyed, and still receive a check for the residual value of their IT Assets.

CCNY Tech has been refurbishing and reselling IT gear since 1988. We can manage all of your equipment, including computers, laptops, phones, networking gear, and many other types of IT equipment.

Whether you have surplus computer hardware, data center equipment to sell, or are looking to buy used computers, printers or racks, CCNY Tech has the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Give us a call at 1-800-566-4786 ext. 3 or contact us. Be sure to list the equipment you have so we can provide an asset value quote.

CCNY Tech has a variety of products from some of the top names in the industry! We supply servers, networking, and storage equipment, along with custom configurations. Check out our site or call our team to learn more about our products and services! Visit Website

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