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Revolutionizing the Workplace

Technology is quickly becoming intertwined in every aspect of our lives. At any point in the day you are likely connected to technology in one way or another. Our smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and even smart TVs are made to optimize our daily lives. So what will be the next big thing to revolutionize the workplace?

The Smart Workplace

When we consider how our technology works together, it is clear that we desire seamless communication between devices, fast response time, and convenience in as few steps as possible. Smart devices enable you to crowdsource important information in real time. When we imagine what that might look like in the workplace, or hear “revolutionize” we might think of some very costly, high-tech server farm, or some elaborate system that is way beyond the budget or needs of the company.

However, the smart workplace is far more attainable, cost-effective, and necessary than you may think. In order to stay competitive, it’s crucial that businesses keep up with the technology curve. We are just around the corner from all enterprises needing a solid platform that spans multiple devices, transitions seamlessly on-site and remotely, improves storage, speed, and capabilities.

So what is the next big thing? What will take computing to the next level?

Hybrid Cloud Computing

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The Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid IT systems are the wave of the future for companies in all industries. A hybrid cloud utilizes a private cloud, combined with the advantages of a public cloud system. It allows a business to create a unified, well-managed system that combines services and data. These systems allow more personalized and expansive capabilities, which help to better meet customer needs. When a company uses a hybrid cloud system, the entire organization is more cohesive with data, communication, accuracy, and productivity.

The Public Cloud

The public cloud exists when you buy a server slice in a cloud computing environment that is shared with a number of other clients. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also a viable option.

The Private Cloud

The private cloud is a distinct and secure cloud based environment in which only the client can operate.

When combined, you reap the benefits of the public cloud solution without offloading the entirety of your data to a third party data center. It offers greater flexibility and security for company and customer data. Instead of a burden, your data becomes a competitive edge. Furthermore, it gives your hired IT professionals more control over both the public and private cloud systems.

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Staying Competitive

As mentioned, hybrid cloud computing will soon be a necessity in the competitive business world. Because consumers are so accustomed to the speed and convenience in their daily lives, they will expect even more from the IT of trusted businesses. Soon, there will be a generation that knows nothing less than instant application downloads and smooth communication between devices and platforms. Furthermore, customers desire standardization. They want things to be the same everywhere they go and this pushes companies to keep up with the technology, not only of their competitors, but of every other company that their consumers interact with.

However, the hybrid cloud is certainly not beneficial only to the consumer. Customers and businesses alike no longer wish to own tangible things. With hybrid cloud systems, companies do not have to own their IT. You are no longer constrained by space or budget. You can easily experiment and find solutions that work for your business because you are not responsible for the system. Hybrid cloud computing will revolutionize the workplace.

Cloud Services with CCNY Tech

It is crucial that companies find a trusted third party for their Hybrid Cloud Computing Systems. CCNY Tech has an experienced team of IT professionals that will work to understand the needs of your business and will help you to find solutions that work for you. If you would like to learn more about hybrid cloud, visit our website or call us at 315.292.1046.

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