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The Basic Monthly Checklist to IT Maintenance

In any industry, It is important to be educated about the general threats to your IT infrastructure. If you are unfamiliar, you may want to read up on security issues that businesses like yours are facing, as well as power and cooling issues that might put your systems at risk. Having even a basic understanding will better help you recognize threats before they become problems.

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Here is a simple list to go over once per month to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Be sure to always backup your data. This is one of the most crucial rules in the IT industry. Loss of company and customer data is a serious issue that can be easily prevented. Being proactive with backups will give you peace of mind, as well as protect your data from numerous possible threats.

  1. Regularly scheduled, automated backups is a great resource to utilize. You can schedule them daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the amount of critical data being stored. It is also strongly suggested that you store backups in a remote location in addition to the local network. Having a second secure location is beneficial in times of data corruption and hardware failure.
  2. Keep software and plugins up-to-date. Always look for new versions of any critical software and plugins. Updated versions may have patches for functionality and security. It is best to then delete the ones you do not need. Any miscellaneous and extra plugins will likely slow down your machines.
  3. Remove server clutter. It is a good idea to look at your server’s RAM, CPU, and disk storage to be sure you are keeping only the essentials. If you are nearing peak capacity, it may be time to upgrade your server.
  4. Consolidate content. While you are inspecting your resources, you may want to consolidate and archive any old content. Any databases, files, and scripts that are no longer useful or necessary are only taking up space and bogging down your server.
  5. Change passwords regularly. Anyone using your server should be changing passwords frequently. Having strong password requirements helps to protect your company network from intrusions.
  6. Keep your equipment and equipment area clean. Dust and dirt can wreak havoc on the components of IT equipment; be sure to keep areas clean. Maintaining proper temperatures and spacing is also crucial to decrease the risks of overheating and downtime.
  7. Have security measures in place. Firewall and other security measures can help to protect company and customer data, as well as prevent security threats that bog down your system.

It’s important to be proactive in the maintenance of your equipment and in the planning of your infrastructure. There are a number of ways to protect your gear once you understand the vulnerabilities. Consider contacting a professional IT company for evaluations and regular maintenance. Don’t let simple issues lead to a loss of data and productivity.

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