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CCNY Tech Delivers Timely WIFI

Creating Seamless WIFI

One of our local customers was in need of strong, reliable WIFI to keep track of inventory and production throughout the day. They faced the problem of weak and dropping signal due to large equipment and thick walls. We wanted to create a substantial WIFI network with enough overlap to ensure a clean handoff between stations. We were able to deploy 3 UniFi access points in strategic locations of the building to ensure that their signal would be strong and consistent. We worked behind the scenes during their business hours at one-third the cost of comparable solutions. WiFi access now extends to sections of the facility never before able to receive service.


Securing the Process

Not only was our team able to create a more functional WIFI network for our customer, we were also able to provide appropriate accessibility and security. We streamlined the login process and setup scheduling to shut down certain SSIDs outside of business hours to prevent unauthorized access attempts and usage of company bandwidth by unwanted users.


The Product and How it was Used

The UniFi AP-AC-LR access points:

Ubiquiti’s band steering technology was used to push newer systems to the 5GHz band to free up spectrum for legacy equipment on the 2.4GHz band. The built-in air-time fairness component of the UniFi Controller software was used to ensure that talkative devices did not crowd out critical infrastructure from communicating.


By Daniel Blackburn, Sr. Systems Engineer
CCNY Tech is an IT hardware sales, maintenance, and recycling company, located in Utica, NY. In the IT business for over 25 years, this company has learned the ins and outs of the tech world and has some of the most knowledgeable engineers. CCNY Tech provides support throughout the lifecycle of the datacenter. They supply, install, maintain, decommission, refurbish, and recycle networking equipment. CCNY Tech is there for any step of the process for businesses like yours.


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