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CCNY Tech Staff Tours Saranac Brewery

Friday May 5th, CCNY Tech went on a tour at Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY. The CCNY Tech team makes it a point to be involved in the local community, and the Saranac tour was a great opportunity to learn more about this area’s unique history and culture. This company bonding experience made for an enjoyable day outside of the office. CCNY Tech was able to learn a bit more about what goes into the process of making F.X. Matt products, such as Saranac and Utica Club. The team was also given an overview of the history in the area, with highlights of times such as prohibition. The history tour explained the 128 year span that brought the local brands and landmarks to what we know and love today.

Learn more about the brewery at

CCNY Tech highly recommends taking the tour!

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