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Last year at about this time, Central New York had a heat wave.  Like many upstate New York businesses, we turned on our air conditioning for the first time in the season.  We quickly noticed that one of our main units was not operating properly.  We called and spoke to several air conditioning repair companies in the area.  Fred F Collis and Sons being one of them.

Our maintenance person met Paul Collis and assessed our situation.  Paul recommended adding a new wall mount ductless unit.  He explained how a more efficient unit would save us money over time.  We went through the the different models. His knowledge and the way he related to our situation made our decision easy on which organization we wanted to give our business.   

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only help we were going to need to complete this project.  Most of our outer walls are windows.  We needed to remove some windows and build a solid wall to properly install the units.  We went through the process of finding a contractor to remove the windows and build over the openings.  After we chose the contractor to do so, they didn’t show up to do the work.  As time passed, proper air conditioning for CCNY Tech’s employees was becoming a bigger and bigger issue.   

This is where Fred F Collis and Sons really exceeded our expectations.  Using their time and contacts, they got us the help we needed to prepare our facility to install our new air conditioners.  Once the facility was ready for Paul’s professional technicians to begin, they got the systems running and cleaned up so that we could enjoy working in a very comfortable workspace.

CCNY Tech is now looking forward to some great summer weather.  And thanks to Fred F Collis and Sons, we will have a very comfortable and productive summer.

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