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CCNY Tech is proud to bring you some of the statistics relevant to the IT Industry and business. If you have a key stat that we have missed, please contact us.

The average worker wastes 22 minutes dealing with IT-related issues.

A new study found that the average U.S. worker wastes 22 minutes a day dealing with IT-related issues. And based on a Robert Half Technology survey, an employee may spend 91 hours a year just trying to get his or her computer to work properly. This is more than two work weeks of time! Contact…

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Email Client Stats – May 2019

Mobile phones and tablets are dominating email clients in 2019. Apple and Google are the dominant players and Yahoo Mail continues to fall out of favor. #1 Gmail – 29% +0.75 #2 Apple iPhone – 28% +0.55 #3 Outlook – 9% -0.39 #4 Apple iPad – 8% -0.38 #5 Apple Mail – 7% -0.2 #6…

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53% of IT security professionals have encountered more advance phishing attacks lately

STATISTIC: On average, 53% of IT and security professionals who responded to the Wombat survey reported their organizations have experienced more advanced, targeted phishing attacks (spear phishing) in 2017.

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3,840 Reasons to Call Us

The average user receives 16 malicious spam emails per month. Even if you only have 20 employees, that’s 320 times a month you have to trust in staff to correctly scrutinize emails and make the right call. That’s 3,840 bullets to dodge over the course of a year. Education of employees and the best in…

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Most Common Email Disguises (Malware)

Fake invoices are the #1 disguise for distributing malware. Symantec 2018 ISTR Spam and phishing emails come packaged up in all sorts of disguises. According to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report, these are the most common when it comes to distributing malware. Most common disguises: Bill / invoice (15.9%) Email delivery failure (15.3%) Legal…

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76% of organizations experienced phishing attacks

76% of organizations say they experienced phishing attacks in 2017 and the rate of phishing attacks is increasing. – Wombat 2018 State of the Phish

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Dangerous SPAM Emails

Malicious content in spam emails is increasing in the form of attachments and URLs. Malicious attachments and URLs attempt to deliver software that can compromise the security of a computer. Inboxes are still constantly under attack – 92.4% of malware is delivered via email according to Verizon 2018 DBIR.

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Worldwide Daily Ecommerce Stat

Ecommerce generates over $3.3 billion a day; almost a quarter of which changes hands over wireless mobile networks. These levels of enterprise will be growing exponentially as the IoT grows. Source: Activeco

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Stat US Based ISPs

There are currently around 2,700 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States. Source: Activeco

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Internet Statistics In North America

In North America, 88.1 percent of people (or roughly 320 million) use the Internet in some fashion. Source: Activeco

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Internet Stat

As of September 2017, of the 7.5 billion people on the planet, nearly 3.9 billion of them (51.7%) use the Internet. Source: Activeco

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millions affected by massive data breaches

Largest Data Breaches in the Past Decade

Data breaches have become fairly common in the last decade or so. See the biggest online data breaches worldwide as of October 2017, ranked by number of records stolen. In October 2017, Yahoo, Inc revealed that 3 billion accounts had been affected, making it the largest data breach in history. In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network…

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