Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Support Services

Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Support Services

A professional IT support provider helps manage the network, users, services, and devices that are integral to a company’s operations. It helps guarantee that the organization’s network is current and that its technology provides seamless operations across all departments, hierarchies, and roles within the company.

The immediate and long-term benefits of outsourcing your IT Support Service.

Reduce labor costs
Tech support specialists are expensive. An IT professional earns between $40,000.00 to $90,000.00 per year. By outsourcing your IT needs you will spend a fraction of the annual salary.

Lessen IT Costs
IT projects can be budgeted more efficiently. A company’s expense is for the talent needed for the project. The level expertise for a specific project usually is not the level of talent needed for day to day operations. Hiring a firm allows a company to scale

Provide an uninterrupted flow of service
Professional IT network service providers ensure end-to-end networking and a continuous flow of functionality for internet, intranet, and extranet.

Increase in Productivity
When disaster management and recovery are tackled with competence, employees tend to be less anxious. Less anxious employees can devote more energy to day-to-day operations

Remain focused on core business
Having confidence in a skilled IT Service provider allows management to focus on their core business instead of Network security, disaster recovery, crashes, etc.

Enjoy expanded resources
By bringing in outside resources you are gaining the insight of professionals who have IT experiences outside of your IT environment. A company gains access to cutting-edge technology that they would not normally encounter.

Recovery from disaster
When a cyber-attack or other disaster hits a company, how a company’s data is protected becomes vital in the future of the business. Without a recovery plan already in place data can be lost and in some cases, businesses close.

Why CCNY Tech? One word “Proven”

  • 30 plus years in IT Industry
  • On-staff engineers
  • 100 plus years combined technical experience
  • Apple certified
  • Cisco certified
  • Fortinet certified
  • Dell certified

As a prospective client of CCNY Tech we request 15 minutes of your time.

What you get from CCNY Tech for your 15 minutes of time:

A qualified IT professional will walk thru your entire IT infrastructure, give suggestions and recommendations on what is needed immediately and concerns that can be addressed in the future.

After evaluating your IT Network, we will submit a customized proposal for IT services. In most cases, we can save your organization money with our remote access TechAgent solution.

CCNY Tech is an experienced Managed Service Provider in New York State
Utica |   Syracuse  | Ithaca  | Albany  | Rochester

Tricia Shauger is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with CCNY Tech. Her expertise is in helping clients get the best IT partnership. CCNY Tech has 30 years experience dealing with the lifecycle needs of companies across the US.

Beware of the Bolder Exploits

GandCrab v5 was discovered on September 24

Security professionals have been trying to stay ahead of GandCrab. It has evolved to it’s 5th version and has potentially become 2018’s most prolific ransomware. Unfortunately, the criminals behind it continue to experiment with new features.

Researchers announced the discovery of GandCrab v5 recently (September 2018), the latest major update to a strain of ransomware that has gained significant traction in the criminal community this year.

GandCrab appeared in late January and the ransomware found success almost immediately, infecting more than 50,000 victims in less than a month. The success also earned the group the attention of the authorities, however, and in late February a collaboration between Bitdefender, Europol, and the Romanian Police resulted in the seizure of command-and-control servers and the release of a decryption tool victims could use to recover their encrypted files.

The raid was unfortunately just a minor setback. Within a week the GandCrab v2 was released, rendering the decryption tool ineffective.

GandCrab authors would continue iterating from there, consistently making tweaks, issuing updates, and fixing bugs on a regular basis. Thanks in part to this “agile” approach, GandCrab has managed to stay one step ahead of many traditional security solutions and gain widespread popularity amongst criminals who rent it out for use in their own campaigns.

GandCrab v5 was discovered on September 24, but, true to form, its authors busily spent the next week working out kinks and making minor changes, resulting in version 5.0.4 appearing by October 2.

Security researchers have noticed the ransomware appeared to be attempting to incorporate the same exploit code for the Windows Task Scheduler ALPC zero-day vulnerability. This exploit can give GandCrab elevated privileges once the ransomware is installed on infected machines. Microsoft released a fix for the vulnerability as part of its September 2018 updates. If they haven’t already, organizations are advised to patch to mitigate that specific threat as soon as possible.

Stay ahead of the cybercriminals by hiring a professional managed services firm like CCNY Tech. We can keep your hardware running great and your operating system safer from vulnerabilities. Let us setup proper backups, failovers to keep you up and running. We also monitor your systems and keep all your systems updated to stay ahead of problems. Give us a call at 1-800-566-4786 or visit to get started.

3,840 Reasons to Call Us

The average user receives 16 malicious spam emails per month. Even if you only have 20 employees, that’s 320 times a month you have to trust in staff to correctly scrutinize emails and make the right call. That’s 3,840 bullets to dodge over the course of a year. Education of employees and the best in class technology from CCNY Tech can help you to get an upper hand.

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